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  • A Purrfect Face

    A Purrfect Face

  • Remembering Ditch Kitten

    Remembering Ditch Kitten

    I think of Ditchy often, I miss her so much. She has been gone for a year and a half now, I still can’t believe she is gone, she was so young, only a year old when she died of kidney failure. We lost the youngest and oldest kitty in the space of one month.…

  • Stanley Steamer

    Stanley Steamer

    Stanley, one of the cutest and sweetest kitties around.

  • House Guest

    House Guest

    This is Snoopy!! Snoopy came to visit us for a weekend this month. We had a lot of fun together, and sure hope Snoopy will be able to visit with us again : ))

  • Cat’s Eye Bracelet

    Cat’s Eye Bracelet

    Here is a really pretty cat’s eye bracelet I made, there is also a necklace and earrings that go with it, and i can make this piece in an assortment of colours.

  • Bob Dylan- July 30 !!!!!!!

    Bob Dylan- July 30 !!!!!!!

    No one needs to guess where Neal and I will be on July 30 : )))

  • Laughing Moon Jewelry

    Laughing Moon Jewelry

    Finally, we have Laughing Moon Jewelry ready for you ALL!!! We’ve been working really hard getting this ready, and we sure hope you all enjoy it!!

  • Maxine


    She is a very petite little thing, sticks to herself, has a very odd walk, she kicks her legs out from behind her. She doesn’t like being touched very much, but being held and cuddled in my arms is OK. I love her. see her at

  • Beautiful Kevin

    Beautiful Kevin

    I am sure that this is the most handsome cat in the world, or at least in South Carolina. His name is Kevin Spaceout, Neal calls him Kevbing, I call him BoyBoy, my little king : ))) He is the most intelligent cat in the household. (he can open doors) He has taught that little…

  • Jewelry I Am Making : )))

    Jewelry I Am Making : )))

    This is one of the newest necklace sets I’ve made. We bought this gorgeous stone in Loose Lucys, and Neal bought me these Lapis stones at the Gem Show here in Columbia on my birthday. To see more of my designs or to order a custom necklace, please visit my site at Thanks!!!!! (We…