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  • Orkie


    She has to be one of the most beautiful cats around.



    Lots of beautiful beads!!!

  • Houseguest : ))

    Houseguest : ))

    This is Maddie, our house guest for ten days this month!! She is a perfect guest, and we are happy to say she will be back with us in June and July!!

  • Multistrand Mania : ))

    Multistrand Mania : ))

    Beautiful triple strand necklace with three charms at the bottom, only $45.00!!! Very dramatic, would look amazing with a simple black sweater or dress. (earrings additional $15.00) VISIT WWW.NECKWORDS.COM

  • Spring Has Sprung!!!

    Spring Has Sprung!!!

    Happy Spring everyone!!! This is by far the prettiest time of the year!!!! Soon we will be getting thunderstorms every afternoon, one of my favorite things : )))

  • Field Of Flowers

    Field Of Flowers

    This is so beautiful, looks like a field of flowers, but it’s the tops of a bunch of potted plants. Makes me want to run laughing into a fields of flowers in a gentle drizzling rain. Ahhhhhhhhhh…. life IS good!!

  • Angel


    Neal and I went on photo shoot at a local nursery/plant shop today. We had a lot of fun, and I loved this angel, so…here she is : )))

  • Green Leaf

    Green Leaf

    Just a really pretty leaf : ))

  • Happy : ))

    Happy : ))
  • Orkev Ophelia

    Orkev Ophelia

    Meet Ms. Orkie, our executive secretary! She is in charge of scheduling and payroll, we would be lost without her!! Please call for an appointment, and get to know our lovely staff ! (she’s a little grouchy between naps, though)